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Comprehensive oral health check
Keep your mouth healthy
Early diagnosis saves money

Dental Check Ups

Here at Coogee Plaza Dental, we believe prevention is better than cure. To support this, we recommend regular dental check-ups. These regular check-ups are critically important in monitoring your oral health and preventing small, easily treated issues from becoming large, expensive and inconvenient problems.

As with your house or car where maintenance is key to keeping everything running in tip-top condition, it’s important that we pay the same attention to our oral health.


  • Your mouth is healthy
  • Any potential issues are prevented or diagnosed early
  • Any issues are treated early, saving you time, money and distress

Contact our friendly staff to make your appointment today for any of the following services:

Comprehensive oral health check
As part of your dental check-up, we check the current state, health and function of your whole mouth, including your teeth, gums and jaw to ensure they are healthy. This allows us to identify any potential issuer early.

Gum health check
Gum disease often has no symptoms until it is well advanced, sometimes meaning we ha small issues before they become large problems, saving you time, money and the distress of treating advanced issues.

Mouth cancer checks
While it is not common, if our clinicians notice anything out of the ordinary that may be sinister during your comprehensive dental check-up, we will immediately refer you to a specialist for further testing. Early diagnosis and treatment of mouth cancers is critical in helping you make a full recovery.

Save time, distress and money
Regular check-ups help with early diagnosis of dental health issues. This can help in treating small issues before they become large problems, saving you time, money and the distress of treating advanced issues.

What to expect from your check-up
Firstly, your caring clinician will discuss any concerns you have with your teeth, mouth and gums or any changes you may have noticed. This also includes discussing any medications you might have taken that could affect the health of your mouth.

We will then examine any existing work you have previously had, including sealants, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, etc. and make sure they are effective.

We will also check your bite as well as the alignment and movement of your jaw and joints, and your teeth for signs of excessive wear. Our caring team will give you tips on how to manage these.

Following this, we will check for signs of plaque, gum disease or abnormalities that could suggest cancer and give you tips on keeping your mouth healthy or recommend specialist treatment where needed.

X-rays will be taken where needed to track any decay, check the health of teeth roots or investigate any abnormalities or concerns.

For children, we will check teeth are growing correctly, confirming everything is in the correct alignment and no sealants are needed. We will also provide fluoride treatments and recommendations for oral care and any further treatments where needed.

Coogee Plaza Dental is full service dental clinic, and all plans are tailored to your needs. We take the time to understand your needs and provide tailored and appropriate dental plans.

Your clinician will recommend an appropriate time for your next check-up, according to your needs. Timings can vary from 3 months to 2 years, depending on your individual situation. Most commonly, check-ups are recommended every 6 months.

Contact our friendly staff to make your appointment today.

Dental Check-up FAQs

Is a dental check-up painful?

The short answer is no. We are simply looking and checking your mouth, there is no pain involved.

Do you only examine my teeth or my whole mouth?

In our check-ups, we don’t just focus on your teeth, we thoroughly check your whole mouth, including gums, teeth, jaw and your oral health. We will also discuss with you the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine.

Why do I need dental x-rays?

We take regular dental x-rays to find any hidden dental issues. These may include cavities inside teeth that are not yet visible to the naked eye, or any bone loss or unusual masses that may need further attention.

How do I make an appointment?

Just give our friendly team a call or fill out our contact form below and one of our team will contact you to book your appointment.


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