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Replace missing teeth
Restore your speech
Comfortable, easy to clean


Replace missing teeth with our highest quality dentures solution.

Teeth gradually deteriorate as we age, they become brittle and crack more easily. Other causes of extensive teeth loss are severe gum disease, decay or trauma.

When multiple teeth are lost or extracted, dentures can be a viable solution. They are removable replacement teeth that are a cheaper alternative to dental bridges and dental implants. Modern day dentures look more natural and are more comfortable than ever before. Dentures can vastly improve appearance and oral health.


  • make chewing and talking easier
  • prevent sagging of the cheeks
  • prevent your natural teeth from moving
  • require no surgery and is a less invasive procedure
  • cost effective compared to other solutions
  • Easy to clean and care option



Partial Denture
A partial denture is designed to fill the gap left by a few missing teeth. Clasps are used to secure the denture to adjacent nearby natural teeth.

Full Denture
A full denture is suitable when all your natural teeth (top, bottom or both) are missing and need replacing. Full dentures are fitted snugly over your gums and jawbone.

Immediate Denture
Immediate dentures are fitted in the same appointment as teeth are extracted. They are a temporary solution to allow your gums to heal. After healing from having the teeth pulled a new denture can be made.

Is a denture that fits over the top of remaining teeth or by attaching it to dental implants. Remaining teeth or implants act as anchors to secure the denture in place.


The treatment usually takes several appointments:

  • In the first appointment, we conduct a thorough examination to determine if dentures are suitable for you. Tooth decay or gum disease may need to be treated, and some of your existing teeth may need to be extracted prior to commencing any treatment.
  • Over the course of following appointments, we will take impressions (moulds) of the full dental arch (upper & lower) and remaining teeth (if any), using a special dental putty. Your dentist will help you match the colour and shape of the artificial teeth to your natural teeth. The impressions are sent to the dental laboratory where the lab technician makes the dentures to the dentist’s specifications. When your new dentures are ready, they will be fitted and advice provided on how long to wear them each day and how to best care for them. Over the first few days the denture may feel uncomfortable and your gums may be sore. You may need to see the dentist again to adjust the fit. Several adjustments may be required before you are satisfied with the final fit for the long term.

Insertion and removal
Never use force to remove your dentures. Your dentist will show you how to insert and remove your dentures. Make sure you can do this property before you leave the dental clinic.

Comfort and adaption
New dentures may initially feel uncomfortable. Your mouth needs time to adapt to them. Do not   attempt home repairs as you may cause more harm than good. Visit your dentist instead for any adjustments.

Eating with dentures
Eat soft foods for the first few days. Try and avoid biting with the front teeth because this can cause dentures to tip, placing pressure on the gums. Avoid sticky and hard foods and treat hot foods with caution.

If your dentures ‘click’ when you talk, speak more slowly. If they slip when you speak, bite down on them gently to reposition. The muscle memory of your tongue and cheeks will soon learn to keep them in place. See your dentist if speech problems persist.

Denture adhesive
Denture adhesives can help your dentures stay in place and prevent food from getting stuck. However, they are not the answer to poorly fitted dentures. You should see a dentist if it doesn’t fit well.

Protect your dentures
Dentures are delicate and break easily. If you break or damage them, do not try to glue them together yourself as this can be dangerous to your oral health. Over-the-counter glue contains harmful chemicals which can permanently damage or ruin the denture. Book an appointment with your dentist to get your dentures fixed.

Overnight Care
Dentures should ideally be removed before going to bed, as this gives the gum tissues a chance to rest and recover. Dentures should be removed and cleaned every day, usually at night. Rinse them in cool, clean water and brush them gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. After cleaning the dentures thoroughly, place them in a denture cleaning solution or water overnight. Never allow your dentures to dry out because this can alter their shape so they no longer fit properly.

Visit your dentist immediately if you have sore gums or if your dentures chip, break or become loose.  Over time, dentures get worn out and your gums may change shape or shrink. If this occurs your dentures will need be remade.

Dentures FAQs

What are dentures and what are their benefits?

Dentures are synthetic teeth made of either acrylic or metal that are set in a plate that is individually built to snugly fit over your gums to replace missing teeth, reduce gaps and avoid future problems that can occur from missing teeth.

Benefits of dentures are that they help you eat and chew with ease, they restore your smile, support your remaining teeth and restore your facial profile, stopping your cheeks and lips from sinking.

How should I care for my dentures?

Your friendly dentist will give you detailed and customised instructions on your denture care and maintenance.

Will my new dentures improve my speech?

In most cases, yes, they will. If you are missing a large number of teeth, speech improvement will be more dramatic than if there is one missing.

What do dentures feel like?

It can be a bit of an odd sensation when you first start wearing dentures. They can be slightly uncomfortable or even sore at first. But this will ease as you adjust to them, so persevere!

Dentures are only for older people, aren’t they?

The short answer is no… dentures can be for anyone who needs to have some or all of their teeth replaced.

Will my dentures look natural?

Yes. At Coogee Plaza Dental, we work with you to design your dentures to suit your jaw and match your existing teeth where needed. They will look exactly like your natural teeth.


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