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& Cleaning

Clean your teeth
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Hygiene & Cleaning

It can’t be said enough, prevention is better than cure. This is particularly true with your oral health. Regular hygiene appointments will keep your teeth and gums in a clean, healthy state.

Our hygiene appointments include a scale and clean and removing plaque and tartar build- up that your normal brushing and flossing routine might not always get. This will keep your teeth polished, smooth and luminous.

What to expect from your check-up

Our dentist will clean and scale your teeth, remove any build-up of tartar or plaque and check the health of your gums.

We will also discuss proper techniques for brushing, flossing and oral health. Simple tweaks to your routine or technique may make a real difference in preventing a problem in the future. If your dentist feels some additional tips in lifestyle changes or product recommendations will help you, they will discuss these with you.

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Hygiene & Cleaning FAQs

How often do I need a dental hygiene appointment?

To keep your gums and teeth in great shape, we recommend 6 monthly oral hygiene appointments. This will identify any issues early, so they can be treated easily thus preventing them from becoming large problems down the track.

What if I need further treatment?

You might need further treatment if we notice any dental decay or gum problems. We will discuss these with you and provide suitable treatment options. With your consent we will schedule follow-up appointments for further necessary treatment. Our team are experts in developing individual treatment plans, tailored especially for you.

Are Hygiene appointments only for adults?

No, oral hygiene is just as important for children. Our specialised children’s dentistry services are especially targeted to helping little ones learn good oral hygiene habits.


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