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routine dental care

Can you believe that up to 16% of Australians say that they have a fear of going to the dentist for a checkup?

If you experience this kind of dental anxiety, you may be wondering whether you can delay or even skip your dentist appointment altogether.

However, there are many reasons that you need to visit your dentist regularly. Check out everything you need to know about why you need to ensure you receive routine dental care below.

1. Ensuring Your Practice Good Oral Hygiene

You might already know that you need to be brushing and flossing your teeth every day. And yet, we all occasionally develop bad habits.

You may think you’re getting away with only flossing once per month or munching on lots of candy bars. But, you may need to prepare yourself for a rude awakening.

There are so many daily habits that could be hurting your oral health without your knowledge.

From drinking red wine to biting your nails — who knows what damage you have already done? Your routine dental checkup can help put you back on the straight and narrow.

2. Remove Any Plaque or Tartar

Even if you’re flossing and brushing every day, you can’t reach every part of your mouth. Not cleaning every nook and cranny allows plaque (which turns in tartar) to build up in your mouth.

Without the help of a dentist, you won’t be able to remove this. That’s why your regular checkup also ensures you get a professional clean to your mouth.

Professional cleaning ensures that you don’t get any cavities. Naturally, you might be concerned about the expense of visiting the dentist. However, remember that checkups are more affordable than getting a filling for a cavity.

3. Help You Avoid Any Gum Disease

When plaque or tartar develops inside your mouth, this could eventually cause you to develop gum disease.

When the gum becomes infected from the tartar, the tooth pulls away from the gum. When the tooth pulls away, it exposes you to gum recession and other oral health problems.

Nevertheless, if you regularly visit your dentist for checkups, you can ensure that you avoid gum disease because you stamp any problems out early.

4. Dentists Spot Any Serious Oral Cancer

Almost one thousand Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. The early warning signs aren’t always apparent for the average Joe.

And yet, when you visit your dentist for a regular checkup, you’ll have your oral health inspected carefully.

If your dentist discovers you have oral cancer early in its progression, it’s easy to treat the disease. However, it can cause you a lot of health problems if it’s not rooted out early.

Why You Need Routine Dental Care

Now you know why routine dental care is so essential to maintain your oral health. Your dentist checkup can help you with everything from fighting off oral cancer to reminding you to floss daily.

Do you want to know more about how to book your dental appointment? Get in touch with us for more!